You Are What You Watch

You Are What You Watch

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You Are What You Watch

Fangirl University teaches you to learn about yourself through your favorite stories and characters and then use that information to take life-changing action, a little bit at a time.

It may sound like a hefty goal, but every masterpiece is built one piece at a time. So the first step in changing your life through the power of story is to recognize the significance of the stories you love. Everything we love tells us something important. Stories and characters, in particular, are filled with values that speak to us, even when we don’t realize it.

For example, are you obsessed with one of the great fandoms (Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Wars, etc.)? Do you love it to the core of your being? Now, have you ever come across someone who could care less about the same fandom?

We’ve all been there, but there’s a simple explanation. The essence of the fandom speaks to your top values, but everyone has different values.

Now, rather than make you figure out your values the hard way, I found a fun quiz that makes it amazingly simple. Even better, it’s super accurate!

Give it a try here!

Here’s what I got:



So true! I need freedom and adventure in my life or else I am one unhappy bird.

Once you find out one of your greatest values, you can start making sure to include more of that thing in your daily routine. Then watch as you become happier and feel more satisfied with your life, almost like magic!

What did you get? How can you start bring more of that values into your life?

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