Privacy Policy

Fangirl University takes confidentiality very seriously.  Although we do not provide mental health services, we respect your privacy as if we did.  Your Life Coach will not discuss or release your personal information to anyone unless required by law or to protect you or others from harm.

We will not collect information about our Clients’ use of the Site except as required for system administration. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and data encryption to protect the privacy of your credit card transactions.  We do not record or store coaching sessions and we utilize encryption, firewall, virus, and password protection in order to protect your stored personal information and written communications.  We also destroy all Client records after a given period. We recommend you take further steps to ensure confidentiality by changing your password regularly.  There are some rare situations in which your Coach may be legally or ethically obligated to take actions she believes are necessary to protect you or others from harm.

  1. If your Coach has reason to believe that a minor, elderly or differently-abled is being neglected or abused, the law requires that she report the situation to the appropriate state agency.
  2. If you present a clear and substantial danger to or harm to yourself or others, your Coach is obligated to take protective actions.

If such a situation does arise, your Coach will make every effort to fully discuss the issue with you before taking any action and will limit disclosure to what is absolutely necessary.  These actions may include contacting family members, seeking hospitalization, notifying any potential victims, and notifying the police.

Information that you share with your Coach during coaching services is strictly confidential.

Member Conduct

Fangirl University holds its services to a high standard, and expects the same standard from users of this service. Registered users must be respectful to the Fangirl University Life Coach and other Members. Members may not stalk, threaten, harass, abuse, slander, or violate the legal and civil rights of another Fangirl University user. Absolutely no defamatory, racist, sexist, age-ist, size-ist, homophobic, vulgar or otherwise offensive statements will be tolerated or posted through this Site.

Members may not gather or use information collected through the Site to sell or promote any goods or services for any commercial purpose.

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