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Hi! I’m Yoko, a fangirl, a certified life coach and a self-improvement junkie.

I was born an awkward geek girl and I knew it. I also inherently knew that I was going to have to work my ass off to become the person I wanted to be, but I was up for the challenge. Everything I learned and accomplished I did alone. Well, I guess that’s not true. I got by with a little help from my friends: Lucille Ball, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lois Lane, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter (how did a dude slip in there?), Felicia Day… The list is basically never-ending. So, no. I didn’t do it on my own. These characters helped to show me who I wanted to be, but it was up to me to figure out how to get there.

As I grew up and learned how to read, I was just as addicted to non-fiction as I was to my stories. Specifically I most enjoyed books on how to do stuff like organizing my room, creating a garden or churning my own butter (yes, really). Later that turned into books on getting a boyfriend and kissing (I special ordered those ones through Seventeen magazine)! Then books on confidence and diet. Books on speaking and fitting in, on making friends and maintaining relationships. And more and more and more on self-help. Throughout by “grown-up” (haha, yeah right!) years I’ve sen therapists and hired life coaches. I did the research, but I also did the work of applying the things I learned to my life. I’m happy to say that after 33 years, my work has really begun to pay off!


I made it through years and years of painful geekiness, but it was worth it if I can help other girls like me skip over the worst of times. Let’s be honest here; I’m pretty awesome (see? I’m all confident and stuff now.) It took lots of trial and error to get me here, but now I can tell other girls like me what does and doesn’t work. I’ve earned my life coach certification too, just to make sure I really know what I’m talk about. And the verdict is in: I do.

It’s been a long journey getting to where I am today. Much of that journey revolved around trying to discover my purpose, and I eventually managed that too– as is evidenced by the fact that I’m running my own business helping and inspiring people while my Criminal Justice degree, juris doctorate (law degree) and military career sit on the back shelf gathering dust. So, yes, I can help you find your purpose too, but without the $150k of pointless student loan debt. (Please note: that is not an exaggeration.) My loss is your incredible gain!

P.S. If you can tell me where that last sentence is quoted from, I will give you two free 30 minute sessions. Message me at Also, you are my new best friend.


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