Love for LGBTQ- FAQ

Love for LGBTQ- FAQ

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Love for LGBTQ- FAQ

R writes—

So I have a question, and I feel like these questions are very important, so I was wondering does Fangirl University support LGBTQ+ rights and people? And would Fangirl University still be around in 2020? (I believe that’s the year I’ll graduate high school, please awnser them for me, it’d be highly appreciated 🙂

Hi R, thank you so much for the questions! I’ll take them in turn 🙂

Does Fangirl University support LGBTQ+ rights and people?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Yeeeeeesssssss! We believe in love, equality and empowerment for all! Fangirl University is for anyone that wants to be part of our community. Also, we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and/or hate language. Please immediately report anyone who violates this policy!

Next, will we be around in 2020?

I sure hope so! As long as there are girls that need our support, we’ll stick around. But here’s the best part– you don’t have to wait until you graduate from high school to join us. Even though we’re a “university,” there is no age requirement. The things you learn here don’t replace your formal education. Instead, they supplement it. The sooner you get started on the path of self-discovery and empowerment, the happier you’ll feel and the quicker you can discover your true destiny. Don’t wait until some unforeseen future date to start truly living your life. Do a little bit every day. That’s what Fangirl University is all about!

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