Fangirl Lessons: 10 Lessons We Can All Learn From Star Wars

Fangirl Lessons: 10 Lessons We Can All Learn From Star Wars

Every great story offers us a chance to examine our own lives. So today, in honor of Star Wars Day, here are 10 important life lessons we should all take away from Star Wars: A New Hope.


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1) If you feel an unexplained yearning for something– anything– pay attention!

So many times we have thoughts and feelings that we dismiss as impractical or impossible, and yet that is our heart trying to guide us. Luke didn’t have the heart of a farmer like his uncle. He longed to escape Tattooine, even if he didn’t know exactly why. And yet, when Obi-Wan first presented Luke with an opportunity to leave, his immediate reaction was doubt and resistance. Luckily his resistance eventually faded– even if it was forced by circumstance. What will you do when destiny comes a-knocking? Don’t make fate force your hand too.


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2) When destiny calls, you have to answer the phone.

You can choose to ignore your destiny. You can fight it with logic and fear. You can ignore the opportunities that present themselves to you. If you choose to accept your calling, follow the path that is laid out before you. You must be willing to take the risk and step out into the unknown.


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3) Things won’t always be easy.

Even if you are on the right path, things won’t always go smoothly. It’s simply a fact of life: whether you choose to go after your dreams or not, crap happens. The cool part ,though, is that you can choose how you handle the curve balls. You can decide to give up, or you can decide to push through. Your fate is ultimately in your hands.


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4) Don’t let stubbornness or pride get in the way of making friends and gaining allies.

So you’re an introvert, a badass, a leader, a loner… I hear you. There’s a time and a place for all that, but when it comes to conquering the world, you need good people on your team.. Keep yourself open to finding new allies. I’m not saying you should be friends with just anyone, but when someone proves their loyalty and dedication, don’t be an ass.


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5) Stay open to new possibilities.

Just because you’re not familiar with something doesn’t not mean it doesn’t exist. Keep an open mind and you might be surprised at what you discover.


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6) If you maintain your faith and focus, nothing is impossible.

The Death Star was destroyed by pinpointing and targeting its one, tiny weakness. David killed Goliath. A hunk of ice took down the Titanic. Improbability does not equal impossibility. So ask yourself, what is accomplishing your goals worth to you?


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7) Living as a coward can be worse than dying for what you believe.

Think about what it’s like, right now, living a life that you know is incomplete. Now imagine living with that feeling for the next 25+ years. Which risk is greater: regretting that you never tried or or knowing you tried, even if you fail? Only you can decide.


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8) Don’t be fooled by appearances.

Dude. If this little guy can fulfill a seemingly impossible mission with nothing but sheer persistence and three stubby legs, what can you do with that amazing mind, body and soul that you’ve been given?


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9) There will be losses, but a hero will keep moving forward.

Everyone suffers loss, and it hurts bad– almost more than we can bare. But we can’t use loss as an excuse for giving up. We can mourn, and we can remember, but we must keep moving forward.


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10) There’s still a long journey ahead of you. You might as well try to enjoy it.

You may think that everyone else has it easier than you. You may think that other people are just luckier, that their fame and fortune were simply handed to them. Sorry to break it to you, but 99% of the time, that’s not the case. The people that enjoy success are the people that fought for it. They worked long, and they worked hard. So strap in for the long haul, honey. Enjoy the things that come your way, big and small, and celebrate that you are one step and one day closer to your dream.


And if no one has told you yet today, May the Fourth be with you!


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