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Harry Potter Fans: Order Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice at Starbucks!

That’s right everyone, you read that correctly! You can get a taste of those classic Harry Potter beverages without going all the way to Hogsmeade (or Orlando, for that matter)! After making a post to Facebook yesterday about hot butterbeer arriving at Universal’s Harry Potter World, I realized something spectacular, and I truly have no explanation […]

Ten Life Changing Quotes from “Fight Club”: The Movie

I know, I know. Fight Club is a somewhat old movie, and yet it is a cult classic and one of my all-time favorites. I mean, seriously, what heterosexual female doesn’t enjoy checking out Brad Pitt’s washboard abs? And then there is the amazing, not so subtle message of the movie: stop wasting your life worrying about unimportant […]

Five Scary Episodes of Your Favorite Shows to Watch This Halloween

Well, Halloween is upon us once again, and what better way for fangirls to celebrate than to scare themselves silly with the creepiest episodes of their favorite shows? One of the best parts of the truly scary episodes of my favorite cult television shows is that they tend to be “stand-alones”– so even if you […]

Agents of SHIELD (and why Joss matters)

Today I was talking to my favorite (only) brother about Joss Whedon’s latest masterpiece, Agents of SHIELD. He expressed a general lackadaisical attitude about the whole thing, which for the life of me I just couldn’t understand. I mean seriously. Tell me one person that has actually and truly watched (i.e. not Facebooking or doing […]

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