About Fangirl University

Fangirl University is all about having fun, learning from each other and empowering you to be your best self, using your favorite stories and characters as inspiration.

What You Get When You Enroll


Life changing lessons and insights will be sent to you regularly. (And yes they will be fandom-based, but will also use proven life coaching techniques.)

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Step-by-Step Guides

We make it easy for you to finish your homework by including easy to follow, step-by-step worksheets with most lessons.

Friendship and Support

Here at Fangirl University we're family. When you have a question or just need someone to listen, hit us up on the private Facebook page or in the Forum. These are the places where we can be there for each other.

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Ask the Professor
Have a personal situation that needs some attention, but don't want everyone up in your biz? Ask the Professor for advice; it's completely anonymous!

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